Paul & Lois Welcome You...






A little history...

      …to H         O Café, Market & General Store, located in the heart of The Waters, a Pike Road community only a few minutes’ drive from Montgomery’s east side. The location of the Café & Market was chosen for its views of the rolling acres of rich farmland, where fields of cattle and their young graze serenely, and for the additional expansive natural views of the water, all of which transport you back to nature.






      …On one of their frequent rides through The Waters, as typical of some people, Paul and Lois became aware of the fact that there was no little café or market within the small community: no place to buy traditional homemade treats, sit down and have a glass of lemonade, or perhaps even to share an ice cream cone.


 When later wandering through The Waters yet again, Paul and Lois happened upon an authentic-looking ‘Town Center,' with a corner property that cried out for an eatery, or at the very least a general store. Upon closer inspection, to their dismay, they discovered that a restaurant had once actually been located there, but it had shut its doors more than a year ago. Much to their delight, however, the property was for sale.


 The classic, southern-style restaurant space had ample outdoor seating, as well as cozy and inviting indoor tables. The property overlooked a park, with lake views, nature preserves, and homes modeled after traditional southern architecture. It was in this setting that Lois and Paul envisioned building a casual eatery, where they would be able to apply their shared passion for using natural ingredients to create delicious meals, using Alabama-sourced ingredients for items: sandwiches, salads, soups and sides, plus desserts made fresh, with only the freshest local ingredients used wherever possible.






      …nutritious, high quality breakfast, lunch and dinner fare


      …a place to meet with others and relax over a glass of wine or craft beer


      …somewhere to bring the family for pizza and ice cream


      …a grab-and-go destination for a fresh, quickly made sandwich and a cool lemonade in the middle of a busy day






      …to be a restaurant that listens to its patrons


      …to provide a variety of specially prepared meals to go


      …to stock a market loaded with convenience items, greeting cards, unique gifts, food, wine, beer and ice, for those   last-minute entertainment needs











As you peruse the H  O menu, you will notice many favorites, yet there is the H  O difference:


      …The freshness of our meat, which is certified for humane treatment, and is free of dyes or chemicals that artificially preserve freshness


      Vegetarian items and gluten free foods are available


      …We only purchase from sources that possess certain certification standards, so nothing is in your food that nature didn’t intend to be there


      …We roast or grill to order on the premises


      …Fried foods will never be greasy, due to our careful preparation process


      …Garnishes are often made with locally grown herbs


      …Produce in season comes from the many farmers’ exchanges that partner with our suppliers


      …Bread and rolls are baked on the premises to assure that no sandwich is “ordinary”


      Goat cheese, for which Alabama is famous, is incorporated into many dishes


      …Many items used in our food preparation are available for retail


      …To provide an additional degree of excitement and variety, our menu may contain daily/nightly/weekly specials, which will take advantage of seasonal changes in the availability of veggies and fruit


      …We will integrate the latest trends brought back from one of the many professional National Restaurant Association events attended by the owners


      …Our Children’s Menu has been carefully developed to provide favorite foods that are both healthy and nutritious, made without excessive or processed sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial coloring

The H  O Café & Market promise...


The H  O Café & Market was conceived to provide its guests...


We at H  O Café, Market & General Store hope that you will enjoy your meal(s) with us, browse our market, and if you don’t see what you want, make sure you write your requests in our guest book, which is located near the register. We’ll make every effort to carry items you request.


Check out our Café Menu to order online.


For fresh baked goods, or special requests please order at least 24 hours ahead.



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